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We believe we have one of the most challenging jobs in the world but also one of the most rewarding. A funeral is often a sad and emotionally traumatic time for family members and friends and we understand the value that our friendly and experienced support brings to those who use our services.

Dianne Troup

Established in 2009 by Dianne Troup and her husband Gary Troup, Troup Funerals quickly became recognised as offering a service that recognises the uniqueness of the grieving experience. A qualified funeral director with many years experience, Dianne and her team developed a reputation for providing calm, compassionate guidance on the many decisions involved in arranging a funeral.

In 2014, Dianne decided it was time to step back from day to day funeral directing duties. Passionate about the service Troup provides, it was some comfort to entrust her funeral home to the capable hands of Davis Funerals and the Little family. "It cemented a long held mutual respect between the two companies,"says Dianne.

The Little family bring five generations of funeral experience to the Auckland region. Neil and Craig Little head the very experienced and professional team at Davis Funerals. Cedric Little has retired from active work within the company but chairs the Board of Directors and his depth of knowledge provides us with expert advice.

We believe the company still operates today with the same level of care and professionalism that it provided in the 1950's with all the modern conveniences and technology of today's world to provide the complete funeral experience.
"A strong belief in family is one of the reasons we are dedicated to what we do. We put enormous energy into every individual funeral service, and every member of our team involved in a funeral feels a connection to it. We all believe in what we do and are proud of the respectful and friendly way that we do it."
Neil & Craig Little

Karlene Paraone also has many years experience as a Funeral Director and  has gained her National Diploma in Funeral Directing. Karlene brings her experience of working with grieving families at Middlemore Hospital  to her role as Funeral Director.  She believes that the dignity of the deceased must be respected as much as that of the family.  She is committed to working quietly and calmly with families to ensure  the funeral reflects both the family’s wishes and those of the deceased.



Sean is following a long term dream to be a Funeral Director and brings with him a positive and sensitive approach. His genial personality lends itself to effective communication with all family groups and he ensures they receive the very best care and attention throughout. Sean is keen to enrich his already extensive experience so he is taking a course of study through WELTEC  which will see him obtain his National Diploma in Funeral Directing. Whilst there is no obligation for a Funeral Director to be qualified in this way Sean's pursuit of excellence is a reflection of the Troup Funeral Home ethos.  


The Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand
Troup Funeral Home is a member of The Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand and are proud to adhere to their strict code of ethics.