Genuine Care and Professional Service

Financial Considerations

The final cost of a funeral depends on your wishes and requirements but we will provide written estimates so you can tailor the funeral to suit both your needs and your budget

Naturally there are many variables which affect the final cost of each funeral but most funeral accounts are made up of three components :

The Professional Services Fee

Which is the funeral directors charge for their services.


Which includes items such as the casket, memorial books , grave markers etc


Which is for items paid for on your behalf  by the funeral director, for example it may include items  such as catering, gratuities,  newspaper notices, death certificate, flowers, cremation fees, doctors fees to name a few.

We are mindful that funeral costs can put some families under financial pressure.  If there are budget constraints let your Funeral Director know from the outset and we will work together to minimise any negative impact and discuss payment options.


A pre-paid funeral can relieve families of a financial burden at a time when their lives are disrupted by grieving and loss.  Under current Government policy a pre-paid funeral up to $10,000. is excluded from asset testing.  Troup Funeral Home can offer you information regarding the NZ Funeral Directors Association Pre Paid Funeral Trust Plan and other plans which will allow you to make an informed choice.


This is a sensible option which many more people are adopting. Your wishes regarding venue, burial or cremation, music, readings, final placement of ashes and so on can be recorded. It is often a real relief for families when these decisions have been made in advance. You can include as much or as little as you like and naturally you can add to or amend these arrangements at any time.  Sometimes it is less what you do want and more what you donít want that we can record for you!


The efficiency of air travel means that people can now consider traveling to a funeral where years ago they may have had to forgo the opportunity. Air New Zealand offers compassionate fares to immediate family who may need to travel from both national or international destinations and at your request we can send the airline the necessary information to verify  the death.

You can either apply to Reservations before you travel or to the Refund Team (0800 733 8637) after you have traveled but bear in mind that some fares may often be purchased below the compassionate fare rate anyway.


People are very mobile now in a travel sense and often a death may occur when a person is not in their own town, city or country.  Others may have settled in a certain country but want to be returned to their place of birth after their death.

Troup Funeral Home can prepare the deceased person and the casket, for travel, in accordance with International Airlines Regulations. We will obtain and collate all necessary health, customs and legal documentation to ensure a smooth, hassle free transition.