Genuine Care and Professional Service

In the days before the funeral many people wish to spend some time with the person who has died, but for various reasons, choose not to have them at home.

Troup Funeral Home has bright sunny rooms opening out on to large decks where family and friends can take the opportunity to spend this special time saying their private goodbyes.


We have a tasteful chapel for intimate services, looking out onto a garden with established natives trees. Alternatively we can arrange for the service to be held at a local church, cemetery or crematorium chapel or another venue of your choice. People are adopting a more relaxed approach as to where they may have a funeral and it is not uncommon for the service to be held at a family home, or local club or somewhere else that has significance to the deceased or to their family.  


Our beautiful well maintained gardens create a peaceful ambience that is soothing at such a difficult time. You are welcome to spend time in the garden, chatting with family and friends or you may prefer to take the opportunity for quiet reflection.  


We can show you a variety of caskets held in our showroom and an extensive range is available through our catalogue. We can meet all price points but you will not be pressured into purchasing a casket out of your comfortable price range. All caskets come complete with mattresses, pillows and drapery.


Modern silver hearses are available or you may choose either of our grand old ladies, a 1964 Cadillac and a 1969 Cadillac.


People are different, families are different so it makes sense that the requirements for each funeral may be different too. We can help you ensure that the funeral is a true reflection of the life and personality of your loved one. We can do this in various ways.. music, flowers, memorial books, flags, candles, hobby items or memorabilia, service sheets with photos, hymns, poems etc. We can make various suggestions which you are free to adopt or reject depending on what appeals to you.

The funeral ceremony is a time of reflection, remembering and sharing. Whilst some families like to take the service themselves, more often we find that they  prefer to employ the services of either the clergy or a celebrant.

If the person had a faith based tradition then there will likely be someone from within that community to take this role. Others prefer a more secular response and we can approach a funeral celebrant on your behalf if that is what you are wanting.  A celebrant can still include elements of faith such as prayers, readings etc should you so wish.

We can secure the services of organists, pipers, soloists or caterers should you require them.